The Edens - A Legacy Short Story - Author Devney Perry

The Edens – A Legacy Short Story

Anne Snow planned to ring in the 1988 New Year wearing pajamas and watching Unsolved Mysteries. Instead, she’s been guilt tripped by her friends into a cabin getaway slash cross-country skiing fiasco. No sooner than she arrives, Anne realizes it’s not a fiasco but a nightmare.

Harrison Eden, the guy she’s managed to avoid since their break up in high school, greets her at the door. Unfortunately, in the past six years, he’s only gotten more handsome. And apparently, he still loves to push every one of her buttons.

Anne’s plan is to avoid him at all costs. Except then she learns that her friends invited too many people. There aren’t enough beds for everyone to have their own. And guess who volunteered himself to be her New Year’s roommate?

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