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Bonus Content

  • Lark Cove Bonus Content

    The Lark Cove Series Bonus Content collection includes a Tattered Bonus Epilogue, a Timid Short Story, the magic cake recipe from Tragic, and a Tinsel Bonus Epilogue!

  • Gypsy King Bonus Epilogue

    Want more Bryce and Dash? Download this Gypsy King Bonus Epilogue.

  • Riven Knight Bonus Epilogue

    Want more Genevieve and Isaiah? Download this Riven Knight Bonus Epilogue.

  • Stone Princess Bonus Epilogue

    Want more Presley and Shaw? Download this Stone Princess Bonus Epilogue.

  • Noble Prince Bonus Epilogue

    Want more Scarlett and Luke? Download this Noble Prince Bonus Epilogue.

  • Fallen Jester Bonus Epilogue

    Want more Cassandra and Leo? Download this Fallen Jester Bonus Epilogue.

  • The Birthday List Bonus Scene

    More Cole and Poppy! Read a special Mother’s Day scene from The Birthday List.

  • Letters to Molly Bonus Recipe

    Try the Maysen Jar’s famous mini apple pie recipe. Plus an apple crips variation sure to please any sweet tooth.