Rally. - Author Devney Perry

Pregnant. Homeless. Broke. Not what I’d expected for my senior year in college. Neither was Rush Ramsey.

We met the day I went camping and got stranded on the side of a gravel road. I didn’t believe in white knights who freed damsels in distress. Life had taught me that if something bad could happen, it probably would. The only person who would save me was me.

But Rush Ramsey rescued me that day. He was sweet and kind and charming. He made a dark, starry night a little less lonely.

I should have realized it was too good to be true. That an incredible night of passion would come with consequences. That the bad luck rollercoaster I’d been riding for twenty-one years wasn’t ready to stop.

Because Rush Ramsey, Treasure State University’s most eligible bachelor and quarterback extraordinaire, just got me pregnant.