The Blame: - Author Devney Perry

Savannah Huxley has spent the better part of a decade avoiding Calamity. Other than the occasional visit, she’s stayed away from her small hometown, determined to live anywhere else. Until the day she realizes that the life she’s built is lonely. And the pull of Montana is too hard to resist.

But whatever jitters she has about the move home and a career change are overshadowed when she walks into the office and collides with a man she never expected to see again.

Killian Gray has haunted her dreams since their one and only night together. Except the witty, charming man she met in Colorado has vanished. This version of Killian is arrogant, domineering and makes her want to scream. To make matters worse, he’s her new boss.

Savannah’s proud enough to deny him the satisfaction of a resignation. She’s stubborn enough to endure his attitude. And she’s fool enough to hope that she’ll catch a glimpse of the man she met years ago—and finally learn why he stood her up the moment he learned her name.